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"LB to You and Me"

Long Beach, California - Convention and Visitors Bureau

Travel and Tourism

"Can We Do This?"

Trendwest - World Mark Resorts

TRAVEL & TOURISM -Trendwest- World Mark Resorts from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

"A New Day has Begun"

Gateway Think Tank Resort - Colorado

TRAVEL & TOURISM - Think Tank Resort from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

"Legendary Canada and New England"

Holland America Line

"Welcome to Seattle"

Seattle/King Co. Convention & Visitor's Bureau

TRAVEL & TOURISM - Holland America - Legendary Canada and New England from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

TRAVEL & TOURISM - Welcome to Seattle from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

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"Big Sky Country"

Montana Tourism and University of Idaho

Who doesn't like to travel?   It's exciting.  It's an adventure.  But there is an art to filming on location.  It takes a keen eye for the perfect shot.  It takes a knack for being in the right place at the right time.   And mostly, it takes experience and planning...a lot of planning.  MagicHour is a full-service video production company based in Seattle. But,  we have traveled the world for over 30 years - filming everywhere from Brazil to Bora Bora - Moscow to the Mendenhall Glacier.  When you need a crew that travels well together - call MagicHour for your tour guides,  Dan Molvar  and  Jorge Barrera.