These type of videos go by many names: 

  Testimonial videos

  Case Study Videos

  Documentary-Style Videos

Whatever you call them, one thing is clear.   We are really good at making this style of video at MagicHour, a full-service Seattle-based production company.  Why?   What makes one "testimonial-case study-documentary style" video better than another?   Experience and talent - on both sides of the camera. 

Not everyone is good at talking in front of a camera.  So, when time allows, MagicHour will help you pre-select the best interview subjects for your project. Before the interview, we're extremely good at choosing the right location to use as a background.  And we're exceptional at lighting.  But the real magic happens when the interview begins.  

We know how to make your subject feel comfortable and we are adept at helping them formulate their quotes to sound natural, engaging and most importantly to sound "real".   Still, what truly separates MagicHour from other production companies is that we have "the gift".   We are storytellers.  We instinctively know which quotes will work with one another to tell the story through editing.  Please take a minute to view our samples.   Then, when the time comes where you need an exceptional "Testmonial - Case Study - Documentary style video" - contact the best in the business - Jorge Barrera.

Testimonial Videos

Gateway Resort - Colorado

The Polyclinic - "Real Patient" Commercials

INTERVIEWS - Polyclinic Commercials from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

INTERVIEWS - Gateway Resort from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

The Bravern Shopping Center - Schnitzer West

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - "Chi"

INTERVIEWS - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

INTERVIEWS - Bravern Shopping Center from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

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Puget Sound Energy - " A Return on Investment"

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - "Tiffany"

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