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Quest Diagnostics - The Christine Clarke Story

"Christine Talks to Co-Workers"

Quest Diagnostics - The Christine Clarke Story


  The Christine Clarke Story

I'm Dan Molvar, Creative Director at MagicHour, a full-service Seattle-based Production Company.   And I have a confession to make.  I love Training Videos.  In school, the best day possible was when the Audio/Visual person rolled in the film projector.  I couldn't wait till they turned out the lights.  Instead of reading or doing math problems - we were going to do my favorite thing - watch a movie.  That was where my love of movies first took flight. 

Today, I still love Training Videos.  But now, it's even better because I get to write, direct and edit Training Videos for a living.  At MagicHour, we have worked on training projects for many large corporations.  We have worked on technical training, car sales training, sexual harassment training and more. 

Over the best decade we have had the privilege to produce an on-going series of training videos for Quest Diagnostics, an international company dedicated to empowering better health with diagnostics insight.  We have worked for several divisions at Quest Diagnostics utilizing the top acting talent in the highly competitive Seattle Market.   My favorite project was a series of videos we were honored to produce dramatizing one employee's journey through cancer - giving her a unique perspective to watch how her company works as both an employee and as a patient. 

Entitled "The Christine Clarke Story" it was touching, emotional and engaging - adjectives you don't often hear when talking about training.  Please take a minute to view samples of our work.  And when you need a training video, remember that guy who loves training.   I'd love to be on your training team.  Contact...Dan Molvar.     

Training Videos

Quest Diagnostics - Patient Services

"Who is Going to Take Care of Me?"

Quest Diagnostics - Patient Services

"Greet Me at the Front Desk"

TRAINING - Own Your Response - Quest Diagnostics Patient Services from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

Quest Diagnostics - The Christine Clarke Story

"Christine Sees a Specialist"

TRAINING - Christine Clarke sees a Specialist - Quest Diagnostics Client Services from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

TRAINING - Christine Clarke gets a Referral - Quest Diagnostics Client Services from Daniel Molvar on Vimeo.

Quest Diagnostics - The Christine Clarke Story

"Christine Gets a Referral"

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DSI - Dealer Success Institute

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